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Regions and countries of the world

Description and list of the most outstanding landmarks will be prepared, when all countries and territories of the world will be described.

Iguazu Falls from air
Iguazu Falls from air. Brazil to the right, Argentina - to the left / Gorkaazk, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 3.0













Countries and territories of the world

Wondermondo is reviewing the world by 284 countries and territories. Some territories (f.e. Alaska) are parts of other countries, some (Guadeloupe) - overseas regions, there are multiple other statuses as well. Most (198) are fully independent countries.

Part of worldNo. of described landmarks
Antarctic and Sub-antarctic region10
Australia and Oceania82
North America90
South America53

World map

Here is larger map!

Red markers - architecture and history monuments, pink - archaeological, blue - geological and meteorological, green - biological. Full list of monuments is here!

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