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Boali Falls

Boali Falls, Central African Republic
Boali Falls / The EITI, / CC BY-SA 2.0

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Boali Falls belong to the best known landmarks in Central African Republic. This impressive waterfall is some 50 m high and 250 m wide.

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GPS coordinates
4.8747 N 18.0485 E
Location, address
Africa, Central African Republic, Ombella-M’Poko, upstreams from Boali town
50 m
250 m
Average flow
20 m³ (much less in dry season)
M’bari (M’bali)

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WorldYellow In detail

Boali Falls have formed on M’Bari River and fall down from a nearly vertical cliff of schist.

Boali Falls, Central African Republic
Boali Falls / Philippe Jimenez, Wikimedia Commons / copyleft Art Libre

Numerous smaller trickles of water fall down along the wide cliff and trees grow among them but in the rainy season the stream becomes powerful and falls are very impressive.

There are built hydroelectric power plants upstreams and downstream from the falls. These plants supply the capital of the country – Bangui – with the electric power. Due to this the stream is scarce in weekdays but on Sundays the dam is opened and falls become more impressive.

Boali Falls at low water, Central African Republic
Boali Falls at low water / Philippe Jimenez, / copyleft Art Libre

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Boali Falls, Central African Republic
Boali Falls / The EITI, / CC BY-SA 2.0

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