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Carbet Falls

Carbet Falls, Guadeloupe
Carbet Falls / gωen, / CC BY-SA 2.0

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In the lush rainforest of Guadeloupe, on the slopes of Soufrière volcano has formed the most spectacular waterfall in Lesser Antilles – Carbet Falls.

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GPS coordinates
18.0726 N 63.1189 W
Location, address
North America, Caribbean, Guadeloupe, Capesterre-Belle-Eau commune, eastern slope of La Grande Soufrière volcano
Name in French
Les chutes du Carbet, La sault du Carbet
> 245 m
Tallest drop
> 115 m

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Carbet Falls, Guadeloupe
Carbet Falls / gωen, / CC BY-SA 2.0

First white man to see these falls was… Christopher Columbus. On November 4, 1493, he and his team headed towards the newly discovered island, heading towards the incredibly tall waterfall in the jungle-covered mountains of this island. Initially, he used the Carib name of this island – Caroucaera, but later renamed to Santa María de Guadalupe.

Waterfall has three major steps. The upper step starts at an elevation of some 900 m. This cascade is the tallest – some 115 m tall (many sources mention that it is more than 125 m tall).

Second step of Carbet Falls, Guadeloupe
Second step of Carbet Falls / Guillaume Cattiaux, / CC BY-SA 2.0

Second drop is 110 m tall. Next to the drop the rock is unstable, part of it collapsed in 2004. Due to this the access to the upper drop is closed for now. Near the base of second drop can be found some hot springs.

Lower cascade is 20 m tall and has the greatest water volume of all waterfalls in Guadeloupe.

This waterfall is one of most popular tourist attractions on the island.

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Rainforest in Guadeloupe / Guillaume Cattiaux, / CC BY-SA 2.0

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