O’Briens Creek Topaz Gemfields

Wonder O’Briens Creek Topaz Gemfields   In short Popular site for the public to search for fine topaz crystals. Topaz is found in granite and has diverse colors – colorless, yellow, light pink and blue, of very good quality. Here can be found also citrine, occasional aquamarine. Rating 37.3% GPS coordinates 18.0169 S 144.0052 E Location, […]

10 finds of unique blue gemstones


Publication 10 finds of unique blue gemstones   In short There are places on our planet where unusual, gorgeous blue gemstones can be found. Wondermondo proudly presents a list of 10 such finds around the world. Map of the sites The most popular and most valuable blue gemstones The blue color of seawater and sky is […]

Find of Olmec blue jadeite, Río El Tambor

A piercer from Guatemalan blue jade, 12th - 16th century AD

Wonder Find of Olmec blue jadeite, Río El Tambor   In short Mines of the legendary Olmec blue jadeite were elusive. Only in 1998 – 2000 in Guatemala were found some locations of this unique stone. The richest finds are in the upper reaches of Río El Tambor. Rating 42.8% GPS coordinates 14.7727 N 89.8777 W […]