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Chamarel Falls, Mauritius

Chamarel Falls, Mauritius
Chamarel Falls / Toutaitanous 2, / CC BY-SA 3.0

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Not too far from the prime attraction of Mauritius – Seven Coloured Earth – is located another great landmark – the magnificent Chamarel Falls.

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GPS coordinates
20.4432 S 57.3860 E
Location, address
Africa, Mauritius, Savanne district in the south of island, 2 – 2.5 km to the south from Chamarel village
Alternate names
Chamerel Falls
83 m
Baie du Cap (St. Dennis?)

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Chamarel Falls, Mauritius
Chamarel Falls / Adamina, / CC BY 2.0

Falls are named after the nearby Chamarel village. This village in turn is named after the first settlers. Infantry captain Antoine Régis Chazal de Chamarel settled here with his brother Tristan in 1786. Later they sold it – but the name remained.

Until the recent road construction the gorgeous, unspoiled Chamarel was a fairly isolated village where people could rely only on themselves and their neighbors.


Waterfall has formed on Baie de Cap stream and falls over a wide, overhanging cliff amphitheatre, formed by two basaltic lava layers.

Chamarel Falls in Mauritius, closer view
Chamarel Falls, closer view / Adamina, / CC BY 2.0

The stream plunges over the rim and falls freely, hitting the cliff only near the base. Then it flows into small, oval basine. Further the stream flows through picturesque, forested canyon for 6 km until it reaches Baie du Cap.

The beauty of waterfall can be appreciated from diverse viewpoints.


The information about the height of falls is controversial. Back in the 19th century settlers thought that it is more than 200 m high. Now many sources mention the height of 95, 110, 127 m. More credible though seems the frequently mentioned height of 83 m.

Chamarel Falls is not the tallest waterfall in Mauritius – but the tallest and most impressive single plunge for sure.

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