El Velo de la Novia

El Velo de la Novia Falls or "Lady in White" Falls
El Velo de la Novia Falls or “Lady in White” Falls. / sccreenshot from the video of Jhon Casa, Youtube

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It seems, the unusual shape of the El Velo de La Novia Falls was noticed rather recently – in the early 2018.

Now, this is one of the most prominent examples of pareidolia – perceived images of objects. From a certain point, this beautiful waterfall resembles an elegant lady with a white dress.

This is an unusual waterfall due to one more aspect – it comes out from a cave. Some 200 meters before the falls the stream disappears below the ground and reappears only at the waterfall. The dissolved lime – travertine – forms a part of the details of the imaginary “dress”.

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GPS coordinates
7.0783 S 78.1531 W
Location, address
South America, Peru, Cajamarca Region, Celendín province, southern part of Sucre district, at the road CA-1531 between Pachachaca and Vigaspampa villages
Name in Spanish
El Velo de La Novia (“the veil of the bride”)
Note – there are many waterfalls with this name in Latin America – even in the same Cajamarca Region!
20 – 30 m (?)
Tallambo (?)

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