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Falls of Baleine

Baleine Falls, Saint Vincent
Baleine Falls / CT Snow, / CC BY 2.0

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One of the most beautiful natural landmarks in Saint Vincent is Falls of Baleine.

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GPS coordinates
13.3700 N 61.1950 W
Location, address
North America, Caribbean, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint David parish, at isolated bay near the northern tip of island
Total height
18 – 19 m

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Base of Baleine Falls, Saint Vincent
Base of Baleine Falls / CT Snow, / CC BY 2.0

This waterfall is located in a secluded, remote valley in the north of the island. There are no proper roads leading towards it, thus the best way to see Baleine Falls is to wait for calm weather and go there by boat.

Tourists (and local people too) love a day trip to this gorgeous waterfall. When the group stops at the mouth of a small stream, falls are nearby – just some 100 m inland.

Falls have formed on a small stream which comes down from a volcano.

Water falls down in a single leap, at the base of the falls has formed a basin. Visitors often take a refreshing dip in it.

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Landscape of Saint Vincent
Landscape of Saint Vincent / CT Snow, / CC BY 2.0

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Some of the most fascinating and awe-inspiring natural monuments are waterfalls or locations where a river abruptly changes its elevation.

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