Hafasu Tiankeng

Part of the enormous Aouk Underground River is a giant sinkhole – Hafasu Tiankeng.

Hafasu Tiankeng formed when the ceiling of a cave above the Aouk Underground River collapsed. Later river found a new course – also under the ground – further to the north and Hafasu Tiankeng now is not traversed by the river anymore. Two passages lead to the Aouk Underground River from Hafasu Tiankeng – Wor’n Su towards the north-west and Bocca del Mostro (the monster’s mouth) – towards north-east.

Hafasu Tiankeng is some 800 m long and some 250 m wide, its walls are some 100 m high. Area of the sinkhole is approximately 142,000 m2, volume – approximately 12 – 15 million m3.

Its size exceeds 100 m and also the depth exceeds 100 m – thus this sinkhole can be considered to be a true tiankeng.

Nearby are two more giant sinkholes: Kuom Tiankeng and Keek sinkhole.


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Hafasu Tiankeng on the map

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Location, GPS coordinates: 0.9558 S 132.3303 E
Categories: Sinkholes
Values: Geology, Visual
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)
Where is located? Asia, Indonesia, Western New Guinea, southern part of Tambrauw Regency, Aouk Underground River
Alternate name: Hafasù Tiankeng
Depth: approximately 100 m
Volume: 12 – 15 million m³

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