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Kiubo Falls

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One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is Kiubo Falls. The waterfall is some 270 m wide and 60 m high but the multiple smaller steps above the main falls add a special charm.

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GPS coordinates
9.5164 S 27.0384 E
Location, address
Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haut-Katanga, on Lufira River downstream from Kyuvu I village
Alternate names
Kyubo Falls, Kiubu Falls
Approximately 60 m
Approximately 270 m
Flow rate
Around 100 m3/s
Lufira River

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WorldYellow In detail

Kiubo Falls have formed on the Lufira River – some 500 km long tributary of the Lualaba River. This waterfall has a very special kind of beauty. Kiubo Falls start gradually well before the main fall: at first, the river leaps over small steps – one, another, and then one more. Steps become more and more frequent until the crescendo – the main waterfall, that also consists of scattered, countless steps.

Here the river crosses an outcrop of sandstones of the Kiubo Formation, which were formed in the Ediacaran Age some 550 million years ago. The waterfall, of course, is much, much younger, formed some tens of thousands of years ago.

Around the waterfall has been preserved a patch of natural forest and there are trails to explore the nature of Congo in this region. It is a tourist destination with a hotel – Kiubo Falls Lodge – at the waterfall.

Further below the Kiubo Falls in Lufira River are several more smaller waterfalls. A hydropower plant – Sombwe Dam – is under construction further down the river but it should not affect the Kiubo Falls.


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