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Likhubula Falls

Likhubula Falls, Malawi
Likhubula Falls / fffriendly, Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.0.

WorldBlue  In short

Western slopes of Mulanje Massif receive abundant rain showers and here have formed several spectacular waterfalls, including the powerful Likhubula Falls on Likhubula stream.

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GPS coordinates
15.9388 S 35.5206 E (mistake up to 500 m)
Location, address
Africa, Malawi, Mulanje district, western slope of Mulanje Massif, near Likhubula Mission
Alternate names
Likabula Falls, Dziwelankhalamba falls, Dziwe la Nkhalamba waterfall
12 – 15 m

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WorldYellow In detail

Mulanje Massif are spectacular granite mountains that rise up to 3,003 m high. Western slopes of these mountains receive abundant rain showers and as a result here have evolved lush tropical forest with many unique species and powerful streams rushing down the cliffs.

Likhubula is one of the largest streams which flows between the somewhat separately standing Champe peak and the main part of the massif – Lichenya plateau.

Some 3 – 4 km upstreams from Likhubula Mission the river forms a spectacular waterfall. Here the stream slides down along a steep granite cliff. The waterfall is some 12 – 15 m tall and it falls into a large pool. This pool (called Old Man’s Pool) is reportedly 60 m deep and locals tell some ghastly legends about it.

Water in falls and pool is really cold – what serves as a warrant that here do not live any vermins. The air here is scented with the exotic odor of cedar – Mulanje cedar (Widdringtonia whytei), a conifer that grows only in these mountains.

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