Lower Myra Falls

Lower Myra Falls
Lower Myra Falls / Harold, Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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There are at least two significant waterfalls on Myra Creek. The more impressive of them is Lower Myra Falls – some 50 m high waterfall close to the Buttle Lake.

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GPS coordinates
49.5782 N 125.5656 W
Location, address
North America, Canada, British Columbia, central part of Vancouver Island, Strathcona-Westmin Park, on Myra Creek
Total height
Approximately 50 m
3 main drops
Myra Creek

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Description of the waterfall

Lower Myra Falls is located in the mountainous central part of Vancouver Island. As a result, a beautiful view opens from the top of falls over the lake towards the forested, snow-capped mountains.

View from Lower Myra Falls
View from Lower Myra Falls / Cindykerr, Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

But the main attraction here is the view on falls themselves. Myra Falls has created a natural amphitheater with wide cliff steps and the central attraction – the waterfall itself. The furthest visible drop of the waterfall is far away, framed by cliffs and inviting the curious visitor to explore: what’s behind it.

A nature trail with upper and lower viewing areas offers a possibility to explore this, with a pedestrian bridge crossing the falls.

An easily walkable trail leads from here to the approximately 4 kilometers distant Upper Myra Falls.

Waterfall in TV Series “See”

Lower Myra Falls “play” a prominent role in the TV Series “See”. The gorgeous scenery of Vancouver Island creates the eerie, harsh, and at the same time compelling atmosphere of this movie about the life of humans in a post-apocalyptic world.

The main heroes of the movie live… or hide near this gorgeous waterfall. Who knows if the noisy waterfall is the best place, where blind people should hide from their enemies, but it’s definitely beautiful to see. This is one of the many cases where great natural monuments complement the movie with their own character, persona.


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