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Sinaloa Waterfall

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The tallest waterfall in Samoa is Sinaloa Waterfall. Not too many people have reached these falls, and in different sources there is given different height of these falls.

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GPS coordinates
13.6480 S 172.4249 W
Location, address
Australia and Oceania, Polynesia, Samoa, Palauli, central – southern part of Savai’i Island, some 13 km north from Sili village
Approximately 180 – 250 m

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This waterfall is located in the largest rainforest of Polynesia – in the southern slope of Central Savai’i Rainforest. Falls could be reached from Sili village, but the walk is hard – the forest is nearly impenetrable thus the walk mostly goes by the river.

Falls have formed on a stream that starts in the saddle between Mount Te’elagi (1617 m) and Mount Mafane (1000 m) in Tuasivi Ridge. The stream slides down along a nearly vertical cliff, descending into a narrow valley with lush rainforest. For the most part of the time, it rains here.


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