Sonjuk Bridge

Sonjuk Bridge in 1906
Sonjuk Bridge in 1906. / Homer Hulbert, / public domain
A historical bridge which was constructed in 1290. A national monument since 1780, closed to traffic. In 1392 on this bridge was killed the famous scholar and diplomat Jeong Mong-ju, marking the end of Goryeo dynasty. Brown spot on the bridge, reportedly, marks the place of assassination and some tell that it becomes red during the rain.

Location, GPS coordinates:37.9769 N 126.5660 E
Categories:Bridges and overpasses, Sites of legends
Values:Architecture, History, Unexplained
Rating:3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)
Where is located?Asia, North Korea, North Hwanghae, Kaesong

Sonjuk Bridge on the map


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