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Taia dendroglyphs

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The second largest group of Chatham dendroglyphs is Taia dendroglyphs.

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GPS coordinates
43.8743 S 176.4073 W
Location, address
Australia and Oceania, Polynesia, New Zealand, Chatham Islands, north – east Rehoa, Taia Reserve between the sea and Te Whanga Lagoon
Prehistoric and ancient inscriptions

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During the review and counting in November – December 1998 (1) here was found 21 tree with 26 carvings. Researchers though were not convinced that they found all trees – there might be more.

Taia nature reserve area was fenced to prevent grazing in the late 1970s – early 1980s.

In the late 1940s here were found 49 carvings (2).

Main article about Chatham Island dendroglyphs with more information: Hapupu dendroglyphs.


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