Guyana waterfalls – the big table

The table below lists some 70 impressive waterfalls of Guyana but it is very far from being complete. It does not include the countless rapids, such as the magnificent King Edward VII Falls.

The data is obtained from online geographic nameservers, comparing the results to Google Earth maps, Soviet Army maps and more than 30 sources of literature.

Nevertheless almost all numbers are very approximate and in real nature might be different. Numbers are provided for general impression about the size of waterfall.

NameRegionRiverDescriptionTotal height (m)Average width (m)
Amaila FallsPotaro-SiparuniKuribrongvertical plunge, punchbowl˜ 60˜ 45
Abrawatavik (?) FallsCuyuni-MazaruniMembaru???
Amatuk FallsPotaro-SiparuniPotaroseries of low falls??
Ando Falls (Wantuana Falls?)Potaro-SiparuniSocobi (Sukabi)fan ?> 40> 20
Apakuni FallsCuyuni-MazaruniIsseneru???
Arawai FallsCuyuni-Mazaruni and VenezuelaWenamuwaterfall˜ 20 – 60˜ 15 – 30
Art FallsPotaro-Siparunitributary of Kuribrong?> 100?
Aruwai FallsCuyuni-MazaruniMazarunirapids, smaller steps over 2 km distance˜ 60> 500
Atabarau – Wena FallsCuyuni-Mazaruni?vertical plunge> 100> 15
Aurituk FallPotaro-SiparuniPotaro?several metres> 200
Baramba FallBarima-VainiBarimi???
Benhori Bumoko Fall (Tuma Tumari Falls)Potaro-SiparuniPotaroblock fall, rapids˜ 9˜ 330
Canister Fall (Kasatu Falls)Upper Demerara-BerbiceWaini?6˜ 40
Carriage FallsBarima-VainiBarimi???
Chibalimang FallsCuyuni-MazaruniMazaruni?> 20> 30
Chi Chi FallsCuyuni-MazaruniMazarunirapids, possible – falls over 3.6 km distance˜ 200 m30 – 50
Chitagong FallsCuyuni-MazaruniMazaruni?> 20> 40
Chinakuruk FallsCuyuni-MazaruniKakofan> 40> 20
Christmas FallsUpper Demerara-BerbiceBerbice??˜ 50 – 90
Corona FallsUpper Takutu-Upper EssequiboRewa?˜ 6?
Corona FallsUpper Takutu-Upper Essequibo and BrazilIrengseveral steps and rapids˜ 30˜ 200
Eclipse FallBarima-VainiBarimi?several metres?
Embiparu FallPotaro-SiparuniKuribrong?several metres> 40
Eping FallsCuyuni-MazaruniEpingpossibly – vertical plunge??
Goring FallBarima-VainiBarimi?several metres?
Great Falls (Oruru Marali)Upper Demerara-BerbiceDemerara?11˜ 30
Harrison FallBarima-VainiBarimi?several metres?
Iatuk FallsPotaro-SiparuniPotaro?> 60> 50
Irocosin FallsUpper Takutu-Upper Essequibo and BrazilIreng???
Itabru Falls (Itabu)Upper Demerara-BerbiceBerbice??> 80
John Daniel’s FallsPotaro-SiparuniIkarakseveral steps> 4> 7
KaieteurPotaro-SiparuniPotarovertical plunge251113
Kamarang Great FallsCuyuni-MazaruniKamarangvertical plunge˜ 160˜ 46
Karchiparu FallsUpper Takutu-Upper Essequibo and Potaro-SiparuniTakutu???> 20
Kaumaru FallCuyuni-Mazarunitributary of Kurupung?> 100some metres
King Edward VIII FallsCuyuni-MazaruniSemangvertical plunge˜ 256˜ 15
Kuli FallsCuyuni-Mazaruni and VenezuelaWenamublock fall?˜ 20 – 60˜ 15 – 30
Kumerau FallsCuyuni-MazaruniKurupungvertical plunge˜ 190˜ 60
Kurutuik Falls (Kulatuik, Kurutuwu Mehru)Potaro-Siparuni and BrazilIrengvertical plunge, cascade˜ 100˜ 20 – 30
Maipuri FallsCuyuni-MazaruniKarowriengblock falls> 20˜ 20 – 50
Makreba FallsCuyuni-MazaruniKurupung??> 30
Makwaiektuk FallsPotaro-SiparuniPotarorapids over 1.8 km distance, possible fall> 50> 50
Marali FallsCuyuni-MazaruniMeanum?> 30> 20
Marina FallPotaro-SiparuniIpobehorsetail˜ 152˜ 3
Maringtuk FallsPotaro-SiparuniSiparuni???
Mipimah FallsUpper Takutu-Upper Essequibo and Potaro-SiparuniEchilebar??> 20
Muretuik FallsPotaro-Siparuni and BrazilIreng??˜ 15 – 25
Old Man’s BeardPotaro-Siparunismall tributary of Potarovertical plunge> 100?
Orinduik FallsPotaro-Siparuni and BrazilIrengseveral steps˜ 25˜ 150 – 230
Oshi Falls (King George VI Falls, Ushi Falls, Utshi Falls)Cuyuni-MazaruniOshivertical plunge˜ 160 – 210˜ 30
Pakatuk FallsPotaro-SiparuniPotarorapids, falling more than 15 m over 1 km, possible waterfall> 10> 350
Peaima FallCuyuni-MazaruniMazaruni?> 15> 150
Pineapple FallsPotaro-SiparuniMuruwa??> 20
Portage FallsPotaro-SiparuniPotaro?> 10> 40
Sakaika FallsCuyuni-MazaruniEkreku?192 ??
Saraba FallsCuyuni-MazaruniParuimapossibly – vertical plunge> 60> 10
Serikoeng FallsCuyuni-MazaruniMazaruni?> 50> 40
Siparima FallsCuyuni-MazaruniMazaruni?> 15> 100
Suwakwima FallsCuyuni-MazaruniMazaruni?> 20> 40
Takagka Falls (Takaga Falls)Potaro-Siparuni and BrazilIrengseveral steps> 10˜ 150 – 230
Tukeit Falls (Toqueno Falls)Potaro-Siparunitributary of Potarovertical plunge> 100several metres
Wakowaieng FallsCuyuni-MazaruniMorongvertical plunge134?
Waratabu FallCuyuni-MazaruniEkreku???
Waratuk FallsPotaro-SiparuniPotarocataract, crossing the river in angleseveral metres> 200 m
Waterfall on eastern tributary of PurupuruniCuyuni-Mazarunieastern tributary of Purupuruni?> 150> 5
Waterfall on southern tributary of MorongCuyuni-Mazarunisouthern tributary of Morongvertical plunge?> 120?
Waterfall on southern tributary of SemangCuyuni-Mazarunisouthern tributary of Semang?> 140˜ 15
Waterfall in upper reaches of KaranangCuyuni-MazaruniKaranang?> 120> 5
Waterfall in upper reaches of KarowriengCuyuni-MazaruniKarowriengvertical plunge?> 250> 10
Waterfall in upper reaches of PurupuruniCuyuni-MazaruniPurupuruni?> 240> 5

Attractions and landmarks of Guyana

Eastern Kanuku Mountains near Rewa River, Guyana
Eastern Kanuku Mountains near Rewa River / , Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

In future Guyana may bring many positive surprises – this country is little explored and may hide unique natural monuments unknown to the people. For most part Guyana consists of unspoilt nature – wast expanses of tropical forests, savanna, mountains.

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Jinbar Falls in Ethiopia
Jinbar Falls / Damien Halleux Radermecker, Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Some of the most fascinating and awe inspiring natural monuments are waterfalls, or locations where a river abruptly changes its elevation.

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