Most interesting landmarks of Burundi

Below are listed the most amazing natural and man made landmarks of Burundi.

Natural landmarks of Burundi

Hot springs
  • Mugara Hot Springs – Bururi. Two hot springs which form a basin with 48°C temperature.
  • Muhweza Hot Springs – Rutana. Two hot basins formed by upcoming hot springs. One basin is traditionally reserved for men, other for women.
Other natural landmarks
Nyakazu Fault, Burundi
Nyakazu Fault / , public domain
  • Kayove Cave – Rutana. Largely unexplored cave.
  • Karera Falls – Rutana. Gorgeous, some 80 m tall, cascading waterfall with four or five main sections. At the first cascade is located sacred cave.
  • Nyakazu Fault (German’s Gorge) – Rutana. Impressive gorge with several hundred metres high cliffs. Site of German military fortification from the World War I. Here is found perennnial waterfall with a height over 100 m.

Man made landmarks of Burundi

  • Gishora Hill – Gitega. One of the main sanctuaries of royal drums – large drums of very high religious importance. Their location is guarded by an ancient family of local people, who on a regular basis beat the drums. There are many other drum sanctuaries in the country.

Described landmarks of Burundi

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This small, densely populated country does not have too many well-known landmarks and one should guess why – due to lack of these landmarks or due to weak tourism traditions caused by prolonged unrest.

Burundi has preserved interesting cultural traditions and there are somewhat less spectacular but locally significant monuments of culture. Impressive are the massive gorges, waterfalls and occasional caves in Rutana province.

Featured: Karera Falls

Karera Falls, one of cascades in Burundi
Karera Falls, one of cascades / Wikitravel, copyleft

The beautiful, approximately 80 m tall Karera Falls belong to most impressive natural landmarks in Burundi.

Recommended books

Burundi Art and Culture

The culture of Burundi is based on local tradition and the influence of its neighbors, though its prominence has been hindered by civil unrest. Burundi Art is fantastic, a wide range of variety is found in Burundi art. Geometrical figures and various types of designs with beautiful colors and shapes are predominant in Burundi art.

Burundi: The Biography of a Small African Country

Little known in the English-speaking world, Burundi is Rwanda’s twin, a small Central African country with a complex history of ethnic tension between its Hutu and Tutsi populations that has itself experienced traumatic events, including mass killings of over 200,000 people.

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