Most interesting landmarks of Liberia

Liberia nowadays definitely is not a tourist hotspot – mostly due to rather recent warfare and dire state of infrastructure.
Too little is known about the landmarks and attractions in this country – but most likely there are quite many.
Liberia has some of the largest remaining forests in Western Africa. These forests – such as the vast Sapo Forest – are refuges of many unique species of plants and animals. Thus, an enormous tree belonging to Apodiscus genus and new species of coffee were discovered in Sapo forest in 2010.
In some areas Liberia has beautiful, forest covered mountains, such as the 1440 m high Wuteve. Country has numerous waterfalls and some of the best known are:

Stone circle in Gipo, Liberia in 1968
Stone circle in Gipo, 1968 / John Atherton, / CC BY-SA 2.0
  • Kpatawee Falls (Kpatawe Falls) – Bong. Picturesque waterfall with three groups of cascades.
  • Mount Nimba – Nimba, Nzérékoré in Guinea and Dix-Huit Montagnes in Côte d’Ivoire. Up to 1,752 m high chain of mountains with a high number of endemic species of plants and animals, such as Nimba otter shrew (Micropotamogale lamottei), Western Nimba toad (Nimbaphrynoides occidentalis) – viviparous toad. Summit of mountain is covered with grassland but slopes – with tropical forest. Here lives also a group of chimpanzees capable to use stones as tools. Mountain for most part consists of high grade iron ore.
  • St. John Falls near Gbedin – Nimba and Guinea, Nzérékoré. Some 25 – 30 m tall waterfall near Mount Nimba.

Some interesting man-made landmarks are:

  • Kpaiyea defensive walls – Lofa. Remnants of massive fortification walls.
  • Stone circle in Gipo – Nimba. Small stone circle – mysterious stone setting. There is little known about the prehistory in Liberia.

Described landmarks of Liberia

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Featured: St. John Falls near Gbedin

This impressive waterfall has formed in St. John River – a border river between Guinea and Liberia.

This waterfall is be some 25 – 30 m tall. The block of gneiss divides falls into two parts, where the eastern part is much smaller than the western one.

Recommended books

Liberia: The Land, Its People, History and Culture

This work is a general introduction to Liberia. It is comprehensive in scope covering a wide range of subjects from a historical and contemporary perspective. It is intended for members of the general public. But some members of the academic community may also find this work to be useful in their fields. Subjects covered include an overview of the country and its geography including all the regions – known as counties – and the different ethnic groups who live there.

Monrovia Mon Amour: A Visit to Liberia

As Charles Taylor begins a 50-year sentence for his role in the brutal civil war in Liberia, Theodore Dalrymple’s memoir of a visit to the country, and its capital Monrovia, makes fascinating reading.
Founded in 1822 as a refuge for freed African slaves from America, Liberia is a curiosity which became a catastrophe.

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