Most interesting landmarks of Prince Edward Islands

These subantarctic islands are a part of South Africa.
The island group consists of two volcanic islands – Marion Island and Prince Edward Island – with a total area of 335 km².
Islands are a Special Nature Reserve and there are no economic activities on the islands. Tourist landings are prohibited. Especially strict limitations are on Prince Edward Island: here even the number of researchers is heavily restricted.
Although the climate here is not too cold, the weather in the islands is very windy, rainy and almost always – cloudy. Here are found some endemic species of plants and insects, the landscape is spectacular.


  • Boot Rock – small island approximately 1 km north from Marion Island. A 75 m tall rock stack in the sea.
  • Cave in Cave Bay – southern coast of Prince Edward Island. This large cave on two occasions has hosted groups of people who suffered shipwrecks.
  • Cliffs of Prince Edward Island, southwestern coast – up to 490 m tall seaside cliffs.
  • Grey Headed Ridge Waterfall – southern coast of Marion Island. Spectacular falls with several vertical cascades.
  • Watertunnel Waterfall – southern coast of Marion Island. Here the stream falls some 40 m over the distance of 80 m.

Described landmarks of Prince Edward Islands

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