Most interesting landmarks of Saint Martin

Saint Martin is an overseas collectivity of France. It occupies the northern part of densely inhabited Caribbean island and, in spite of its small area, has diverse interesting landmarks.

  • Baye Rouge natural arch – natural arch which has been created by the wave action.
  • Fort Saint-Louis – largest historical monument in Saint Martin. Built in 1767.
  • Grand Case – fishing village with many historical buildings. Small wooden buildings are painted in pastel colors.
  • La Grotte du Puits de Terres Basses – comparatively large cave with hundreds of bats living in it.
  • Le Trou de David (David’s Hole) – a former sinkhole at the sea, with two natural arches towards the sea. At calm weather one could swim into this sinkhole from the sea. Collapsed in December 2011.
  • St. Martin Museum – museum of the history and culture of Saint Martin. Interesting is the archaeological exhibit.

Described landmarks of Saint Martin

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Featured: Le Trou de David (collapsed)

Le Trou de David (image has fisheye distortion) before its collapse, Saint Martin
Le Trou de David (image has fisheye distortion) before its collapse / Alexandre Duret-Lutz, / CC BY-SA 2.0

Until recently one of most interesting natural landmarks in Saint Martin was Le Trou de David (originally – Trou du Diable). Unfortunately this magnificent sinkhole collapsed.

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