List of described sinkholes

List of described sinkholes

Here are listed sinkholes described in this Website.

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NoNameCountry, regionDepth (m)Volume (million m³)ValueRank
6Sima Humboldt Venezuela, Bolívar31421Geology, Biology, Visual3
7Sima Martel Venezuela, Bolívar248?Geology, Biology, Visual5
107La Pilita sinkhole, Sistema Zacatón Mexico, Tamaulipas? (>120)?Geology, Biology8
109Poza del Caracol, Sistema Zacatón Mexico, Tamaulipas? (>114)?Geology, Biology7
110Poza Verde, Sistema Zacatón Mexico, Tamaulipas48?Geology, Biology8
111Cenote Azufrosa and La Cristalina, Sistema Zacatón Mexico, Tamaulipas? (>50)?Geology, Biology8
113Palmita, Sistema Zacatón Mexico, Tamaulipas??Geology, Biology9
114Poza Seca, Sistema Zacatón Mexico, Tamaulipas??Geology, Biology, Unexplained4
115Poza Tule, Sistema Zacatón Mexico, Tamaulipas? (>50)?Geology, Biology, Unexplained7
116Poza Garapata, Sistema Zacatón Mexico, Tamaulipas??Geology, Biology, Unexplained8
117El Zacatón sinkhole Mexico, Tamaulipas33910Geology, Biology, Visual4
119Laguna Colorada, Sistema Zacatón Mexico, Tamaulipas??Geology8
120Cenote Amarillo, Sistema Zacatón Mexico, Tamaulipas??Geology8
121Atascosa pool, Sistema Zacatón Mexico, Tamaulipas??Geology9
122Cenote Alameda, Sistema Zacatón Mexico, Tamaulipas??Geology8
125Sótano de las Golondrinas - Cave of the Swallows Mexico, San Luis Potosí3725Geology, Visual, Biology3
126Hoya de las Guaguas Mexico, San Luis Potosí20216Geology, Visual, Biology5
127Sótano del Barro Mexico, Querétaro41015Geology, Visual, Biology5
128Pozzo del Merro Italy, Lazio472?Geology, Visual, Biology5
129Black Hole of Andros Bahamas, South Andros47?Geology, Biology3
130Dean's Blue Hole Bahamas, Long Island203?Geology, Biology4
131Great Blue Hole Belize, Belize District124?Geology, Visual4
132Minyé sinkhole and cave Papua New Guinea, East New Britain51026Geology, Visual3
133Naré sinkhole Papua New Guinea, East New Britain3104.7Geology, Visual4
134Mamo plateau Papua New Guinea, Southern Highlandsgroup of sinkholes31Geology, Visual6
136Xiaozhai tiankeng China, Chongqing Municipality662119.349Geology, Biology, Visual1
137Dashiwei tiankeng China, Guangxi61375Geology, Biology, Visual2
138Majlis al Jinn Oman, Ash Sharqiah Region158.2>4Geology, Visual4
139Tawi Atair sinkhole and cave Oman, Dhofar Governorate2110.975Geology, Biology, Visual6
140Teiq sinkhole and cave Oman, Dhofar Governorate25090Geology, Visual5
141Crveno Jezero - Red Lake Croatia, Split-Dalmatia53030Geology, Visual, Biology3
142Modro Jezero - Blue Lake Croatia, Split-Dalmatia220?Geology, Visual6
187Talava Arches and Caves Niue20?Geology, Visual6
213Mainina Ponor Timor-Leste??Geology, Visual7
214Yogoluk Sinkhole Indonesia, Papua2404Geology, Visual6
215Leang Pute Sinkhole Indonesia, South Sulawesi270?Geology, Visual6
236Cherokee Sink United States, Florida33.4?Geology8
254Trou de Bone New Caledonia, Loyalty Islands40?Geology7
255Le Bone de Léproserie New Caledonia, Loyalty Islands90?Geology6
290Pozo de las Animas - Well of Souls Argentina, Mendoza101?Geology6
359Le Trou de David Saint Martin˜ 10?Geology9
381Bimmah sinkhole Oman, Muscat Governorate˜ 30?Geology7
427Niubizi tiankeng (Niubidong) China, Chongqing Municipality1953.5Geology, Biology, Visual4
429Qingkou tiankeng China, Chongqing Municipality2959.2Geology, Visual2
451Garden of Eden, Sarawak (possible karst valley) Malaysia, Sarawak> 300150Geology, Visual3
489Bala'a sinkhole (Baatara sinkhole) and waterfall Lebanon, North˜ 70?Geology, Visual2
513Sima Aonda Venezuela, Bolívar˜ 383?Geology, Visual2
551Hranice Abyss (Hranicka Propast) Czech Republic, Olomouc˜ 100?Geology3
556Dragon Hole South China Sea, Paracel Islands300.89?Geology3


Mexico: Sótano de las Golondrinas - Cave of the Swallows

Caver rappelling down into the Sótano de las Golondrinas, Mexico
Caver rappelling down into the Sótano de las Golondrinas / Stubb, Wikimedia Commons, Free Art License

One of the most impressive sinkholes in the world is Sótano de las Golondrinas - Cave of the Swallows. This hole in the ground is that large that it is nearly impossible to comprehend it - even if one is sitting at the rim of it.

Bahamas: Dean's Blue Hole

Dean's Blue Hole, Bahamas
Dean's Blue Hole, Bahamas / Ton Engwirda, Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA-3.0 Netherlands

There exists a broad term "blue hole" describing any deep, water filled, vertical caves. The 202 - 203 m deep Dean's Blue Hole in Bahamas, Long Island until recent times was the deepest sinkhole in the world's oceans and seas.

Croatia: Crveno Jezero - Red Lake

Crveno Jezero sinkhole
Crveno Jezero sinkhole / Tieum512, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 3.0

The largest and, as it seems, the most impressive karst formation in Dinaric Alps is Crveno Jezero - one of the largest sinkholes of the world.

Argentina: Pozo de las Ánimas - Well of Souls

Pozo de las Animas, Argentina
Pozo de las Ánimas, northern sinkhole / Luis Adrian Crescentino Memoli, Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Not too far from De Los Molles village, at the road are located two giant sinkholes - Pozo de las Ánimas. Sometimes the desert winds create here an eerie, howling noise and some locals believe that this place is enchanted.