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Temimichât-Ghallaman crater

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 24.2485 N 9.6496 W
No:366        (list of all attractions)
Categories:Impact craters
Address:Africa, Mauritania, Tiris Zemmour, in the vast deserts in the north of the country
Alternate names:Temimichat Ghallaman, Timmimichat
Diameter:640 - 730 m
Depth:Rim rises 35 m above surroundings and the the crater floor
Age:unknown, rather old

Temimichât-Ghallaman crater is very remote, large crater of unclear origin. Most likely it has been created by large meteorite but this has not been proved yet.

Temimichât-Ghallaman crater was known to locals and was described by French explorer Théodore Andre Monod already in the 1950s. Nevertheless few scientists have visited this remote site in the inhospitable, almost lifeless plains of northern Mauritania.

This crater is well visible on satellite images or in nature, but it is more eroded than the other great Mauritanian craters - Tenoumer and Aouelloul craters - thus it might be rather old.

Crater is formed in crystalline bedrock - 3.5 billion years old Precambrian gneisses and gabro of Reguibat shield.

Rims of crater are partly eroded, their height fluctuates from some meters to 35 m. Original circular form has been lost and now the crater looks rather hexagonal. Crater is filled with sediments - aeolian sand and silt.

The origin of this crater is unclear. Meteorite impact is just one of possible explanations, although some aspects of the disturbed rocks show possible impact event - re-melted granitic clasts, deformation effects, on the edges of crater are some blocks which seem to have glassy cover.








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