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Coordinates: 25.2994 N 91.5808 E
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Category:Meteorological phenomena
Address:Asia, India, Meghalaya, East Khasi Hills District, 15 km north-west from Cherrapunji town

Although up to recent times the nearby Cherrapunji plateau was considered to be the wettest place of the world with the highest rainfall. Mawsynram though gets more rain and thus far holds the semi-official world record of the highest average annual rainfall in the world - 11,872 mm.

It is modelled that Lloro in Colombia gets more (13,000 mm) but this has not been proven scientifically.

Rains over Khasi Hills

Mawsynram is located in the beautiful Khasi Hills. Area is adorned with very tall cliffs, roaring waterfalls and numerous exotic plants of Meghalaya subtropic forests. Village contains the Khasi word "Maw" in its root - most likely this hints to important megalithic stone settings, which are common in Meghalaya.

Village is located 1,400 m above the sea. Just 14 km to the south are plains of Bangladesh rising only 20 m above the sea level. Air masses gather moistness from the baking hot swamps of Bangladesh and, as the monsoon starts, are blown by the winds towards Khasi Hills. As the humid, heated air masses reach Khasi Hills. The abrupt change in conditions leads to extremely heavy downpours of rain, which are expecially powerful on the southern slopes of Khasi Hills.

No meteorological observatory - no records

Unfortunately this remote village does not have meteorological station - contrary to the nearby Cherrapunji. General measurements show that Mawsynram gets more rain - average rainfall here is 11,872 mm - although results are disputed due to less sophisticated measurement methods. Other "disciplines" of rainfall records (like 24 hours maximum) do not look that impressive. This rather shows the lack of permanently working meteorological observatory, not the lack of rain.

Exciting location

Irrespective of the world records, Mawsynram is beautiful and very interesting place. Here are located hot sulphuric waters and the interesting Mawjymbuin Cave, in vicinities are located megaliths, very tall waterfalls, cliff formations and countless exotic plants.


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