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Bimmah sinkhole

Bimmah sinkhole, Oman
Bimmah sinkhole / Martyna Zambrzycka Millspaugh, , public domain

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 23.0360 N 59.0720 E
No:381        (list of all attractions)
Category:Sinkholes, Lakes, bays and streams
Values:Geology, Visual
Address:Asia, Oman, Muscat Governorate, Wilayat Qurayat, between Bimmah and Dibab, some 600 m from the sea
Alternate names:Bhamah sinkhole, Bimah sinkhole, Bima sinkhole, Hawiyat Najm, Al Faqa'ah, Dibab sinkhole
Depth of sinkhole:30 m

Bimah sinkhole is beautiful natural landmark - a place of refreshment at the long coastal road of Oman.

Bimah sinkhole was formed in limestone by a collapse of large cave chamber. Earlier locals believed that this hole was formed by meteorite ("piece of Moon").

The sinkhole is approximately 50 by 70 m large, 20 - 30 m deep. At the bottom is located deep blue-green lake with a heap of rock - remnants of the collapse.

Municipality has developed a park around the sinkhole, there is built concrete stairway leading to the lake. Locals and tourists often enjoy a refreshing bath in the lake.

Lake in Bimmah sinkhole, Oman
Lake in Bimmah sinkhole / naturalbornstupid, , CC BY-SA 2.0

Most likely the sinkhole is connected to the 600 m distant sea. Top layer in the lake is crystal clear, but at the depth of some 8 m water has sulphuric taste due to sulphur oxidizing bacteria and is less clear.


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