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Sally Ward Spring

Sally Ward Spring, Florida
Sally Ward Spring / Paul Clark, / CC BY 2.0

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 30.2416 N 84.3109 W
No:238        (list of all attractions)
Category:Springs, Caves
Values:Geology, Visual
Address:North America, United States, Florida, Wakulla County, at the entrance of Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park, approximately 1 km upstreams from Wakulla Spring
Alternate names:Numero Uno (among cave divers)
Type:karst window
Average discharge:125 l/s
Cave length:529 m
Cave depth:85.3 m

Sally Ward spring has far smaller discharge, if compared with the nearby Wakulla Spring. The most interesting feature of Sally Ward spring is the magnificent underwater cave system below it. The length of explored passages is 529 m.

Average discharge of this spring is approximately 125 l/s (spring of the 3rd magnitude), but often the spring becomes more active and discharges 350 l/s and more. Spring bed is covered with dense foliage of aquatic plants. Alligators are seen often in this spring.

Numero Uno

Among the divers this spring often is named – Numero Uno, as it is one of the best dive sites in this region.

Diving in the spring is allowed only to research teams. It is very hard to get inside the underwater cave in Sally Ward Spring, but after the squeeze the amazed diver enters the Cube Room - some 25 m wide and 30 m high hall.

The cave tunnel goes both downstreams and upstreams. Downstreams after the Cube Room follow other giant rooms. Upstream tunnel is more narrow although less tight than the entrance.

The explored passages of the Wakulla - Leon Sinks cave system are bypassing Sally Ward Spring in a few hundred metres distance. Both cave systems are connected hydrologically.


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