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Abismo Guy Collet

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 0.8562 N 63.3715 W
No:516        (list of all attractions)
Address:South America, Brazil, northern part of Amazonas state, near the south-eastern rim of Serra do Aracá
Alternate names:SP-090
Length:896.4 m
Depth:670.6 m

In one of the most legendary, remote and beautiful places of Brazil is located the deepest known cave in South America - Abismo Guy Collet.

Serra do Aracá

This cave opens on the summit of Serra do Aracá. This is one of the famous tepuis - plateaus of Guyana Highland surrounded by very tall, vertical walls. Its walls are up to 1 kilometre tall and the plateau is approximately 25 by 17 km large. Serra do Aracá is the only tepui which is located entirely in the area of Brazil.

This is area of outstanding natural beauty. Some 4 - 5 kilometres to the east from the cave are located two great waterfalls - Eldorado Falls (Brazil's highest, 353 m) and Desabamento Falls (approximately 200 m tall).

This area is linked also to the stories about El Dorado - according to some legends somewhere in this area was located Lake Parime with Manoa city - city of gold at it. According to legends this lake dried out some centuries ago and now the lake bed and the golden city are covered with forest.

This remote tepui was one of the least explored areas of South America until the late 1980ies.


Serra do Aracá is formed from Proterozoic sandstone (quartzite). This rock is unlikely candidate for erosion and karst processes - it is very hard and almost insoluble. But geological stability and lots of time (approximately one billion years since the formation of these rocks) can make wonders and it has happened here. On tepuis of Venezuela and Brazil have formed extensive caves and sinkholes, such as the fabulous Sima Humboldt and Sima Martel sinkholes on Sarisariñama tepui (Venezuela) or the exotic Sima Aonda sinkhole (Venezuela) not too far from the world's tallest waterfall.

World's deepest quartzite cave though is located in Brazil.

Deepest quartzite cave

Abismo Guy Collet was discovered and explored recently - in 2006 by a joint Brazilian (Pesquisadores da Sociedade Brasileira de Espeleologia) - Italian (Akakor Geographical Exploring) expedition.

Cave was named after French - Brazilian scientist and caver Guy Christian Collet (1929 - 2004), one of the founders of the speleological movement in Brazil.

This cave is located near the rim of the tepui, 1,138 m above the sea level. Cave is 670.6 m deep, but as it is not entirely vertical and has shorter side branches, total length is slightly larger - 896.4 m. The bottom of the cave ends with a small cave lake.

It is the deepest cave in South America and world's deepest cave in quartzites.

Exploration of Abismo Guy Collet continues - there have been made attempts to find connections to other nearby caves.


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