Coordinates: 5.4861 N 59.7980 W
No:306        (list of all attractions)
Values:Geology, Visual
Address:South America, Guyana, Cuyuni-Mazaruni, Semang River
Alternate names:
Height:˜ 256 m (840 feet)
Average width:˜ 15 m
King Edward VIII Falls in Guyana, 1930ies
King Edward VIII Falls, 1930ies.
From Paul A. Zahl, "To The Lost World", 1939., taken from an airplane.

Many giant waterfalls have formed on the abrupt eastern escarpment of Pacaraima Mountains. One of the tallest and most impressive ones is King Edward VIII Falls.

This waterfall forms a single, vertical plunge over the Precambrian quartzite and conglomerate cliff. The force of the water has eroded sturdy rocks and has formed an amphitheatre which is covered with pristine rainforest.

One of first white people to see this falls most likely was American enthomologist Paul A. Zahl who saw the falls from airplane in 1935, although it is possible that it was seen by Geological Survey of Semang in 1927. The base of these falls was reached by a geologist H. Bracewell in 1936 who proposed to name these falls after King Edward VIII. King "graciously consented" to this (1).

This waterfall is very rarely visited up to this day - seems, there are no present day images of this amazing waterfall in Internet.

Satellite images show that approximately 7 km to the south-east is located another waterfall which is more than 200 m tall and falls into a narrow chasm. Wondermondo does not know the name of this fall.


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