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Marina Fall on Ipobe

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 5.3735 N 59.4822 W (possible location)
No:309        (list of all attractions)
Values:Geology, Visual
Address:South America, Guyana, Potaro-Siparuni, Ipobe River
Alternate names:Princess Marina Fall
Height:152 m
Width:some metres

In the 1930s several large waterfalls were discovered in Guyana from airplane. One of the most beautiful discoveries was Marina Fall - approximately 152 m tall waterfall of "bridal veil" type, with two drops.

This waterfall is located some 20 km to the north from the much more popular Kaieteur waterfall. It is rarely visited - mostly by diamond miners: first diamonds in Ipobe were found in the 1920s.

Waterfall was discovered in November 29 1934 from airplane by American and Canadian expedition.

This area does not have indigenous population - thus the newly discovered geographical features did not have indigenous names and new names had to be invented. Somehow the waterfalls in Guyana were named after the British Royal Family members.

Geologist H. Bracewell proposed to name the newly discovered "bridal veil" after Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark - she was going to marry Prince George. Princess was introduced to this idea in her wedding day and, of course, agreed.


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