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Orinduik Falls - jasper falls

Orinduik Falls, Guyana
Orinduik Falls / Ian Mazkenzie, Flickr, CC BY 2.0

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 4.7252 N 60.0374 W
No:311        (list of all attractions)
Values:Geology, Visual
Address:South America, Guyana, Potaro-Siparuni and Brazil, Roraima, on Ireng River, some 20 km north-east from Uiramutã, next to the waterfall in Guyana is built Orinduik airstrip
Name in Portuguese:Cataratas de Orinduik
Height:approximately 25 m
Width:very roughly: 150 - 230 m

There have formed several beautiful waterfalls on Ireng River. The best known are Orinduik Falls. This 25 m tall and more than 150 m wide waterfall falls over a semiprecious gemstone - red jasper.

Northernmost river in Amazon basin

Ireng River (also Maú River) is the northernmost large river in Amazon basin. This basin extends just some 70 km to the north from Orinduik Falls, while the giant Amazon itself is flowing some 700 km south from the falls.

Ireng flows through vast savannas and has formed wide, picturesque valley in Pakaraima Mountains not far from the famous Roraima Plateau. There have formed numerous waterfalls and smaller steps in this river - thus, a beautiful waterfall is located near Uiramutã some 20 km further down the stream but some 40 km to the north are located the magnificent, approximately 100 m tall Kurutuik Falls.

Jasper falls

Orinduik waterfall has formed on sturdy rocks of pure, red jasper - a beautiful ornamental stone. This is not unique - rather many waterfalls in this part of South America have formed on this stone.

Orinduik Falls
Orinduik Falls / Wikimedia Commons, Merlinthewizard. CC BY-SA 3.0

The true size of falls can be appreciated from the air. River has many steps before and after the falls. Falls themselves have three major steps and numerous smaller ones. Steps have complex configuration, with an island in the middle.

Name of waterfall originates from a local Carib (possibly - Patamona) name ("orin" or similar word) - which in turn is a name to a plant which grows in the rocks in the stream.

Tourist attractions

The visit to Orinduik Falls often is bundled with a visit to the much more impressive Kaieteur. After the visit to this unforgettable but unaccessible waterfall tourists come to the much smaller Orinduik Falls. Here they are allowed to walk on the steps and bathe in the warm, refreshing water. Water is dark colored by dissolved tannin.

Visitors though should be very careful - rocks are very slippery.


See Orinduik Falls on the map of Guyana and Brazil!


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