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Aramu Muru – the mystical portal

Aramu Muru - mysterious (?) gate to nowhere, Peru
Aramu Muru – mysterious (?) gate to nowhere / nyuepik, / CC BY 2.0

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Some see here just an unfinished work of ancient stone masons. But many local legends tell something else – Aramu Muru is seen as a portal to a spirit world.

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GPS coordinates
16.1708 S 69.5412 W (mistake up to 80 m)
Location, address
South America, Peru, Puno Region, El Collao Province, Ilave District, 3 km from the south-western coast of Lake Titicaca, at Puno – Juli road, in Hayu Marcu ridges
Rock cut architecture and sculptures, Sites of legends, Ghost sites
Alternate names
Amaru Muru, Amaru Meru, Puerta de Hayu Marca, Hayumarca

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Aramu Muru
Aramu Muru. / Jerrywills, Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

It is not known when Aramu Muru was made and who did it – but most likely it happened before the Incas. No archaeological research has been done here.

This enormous stone portal is located in an unusual place – the Hayu Marca stone forest (“City of the gods”) near the shores of Lake Titicaca. Giant crests of red granite rise from the dry soil of Altiplano here. Erosion processes have formed natural bridges, weird grottoes, and natural sculptures. Often it is hard to tell whether some weird shapes have been formed by nature or by humans.

Aramu Muru is cut in the side of one such granite crest. This portal is 7 m high and 7 m wide, with a T-shaped alcove in the bottom middle. The surface of the portal is polished. The alcove is some 2 m high – one man can fit into it. In the center of the alcove is a smaller depression.

On the other side of the cliff in earlier times was a tunnel, which is blocked now with stones to prevent mishaps with children. Some believe that this tunnel was going to Tiahuanaco.

Similar monuments

It seems – there are no similar landmarks in the Americas.

Often there is noted that Aramu Muru is similar to the Sun Gate in the nearby Tiwanaku – but Wondermondo does not see many similarities.

Aramu Muru has some principal similarities to unfinished rock-cut architecture in India. Son Bhandar Caves (Bihar) have an unfinished portal inside the rock-cut cave. Local legends there tell about incredible riches inside.

Dreams of Jose Luis Delgado Mamani

Local tourist guide Jose Luis Delgado Mamani had unusual dreams in the 1990s. He saw a weird, red mountain with a gate cut into it. The door of this portal was open and blue, shimmering light was shining out of it.

Mamani was surprised to find mountains similar to the ones in his dream. He asked the local old men whether there are some gates cut in these cliffs – and, yes, they confirmed – there is a gate. Some tried to dissuade Mamani from going there – “this is the true gate to hell”.

When Mamani reached the gate, he almost passed out from excitement – this was the site that he saw in his dreams.

This story made it into local newspapers and somewhat later – into the international press. The old, exotic story about Aramu Muru became popular again.

Legend about Aramu Muru

According to a local legend (maybe – a bit embellished by some contemporary mystics), this gate leads to the spirit world or even – to the world of gods.

Some of these legends:

“Portal for the immortals”

The portal was supposedly made in the distant past. In those times great heroes could pass the portal and join the pantheon of gods. Sometimes though these gods return to the land through these gates “to inspect all the lands in the kingdom”.

“Golden discs”

Legends tell that the gate was open for a while in the 16th century. Back then Spanish Conquistadors were looting the immense treasures in Cusco city and slaughtering local people.

In the most important Inca temple – in Coricancha temple (now the Church of Santo Domingo stands there) – was located especially valuable relics – the golden discs.

According to the legend, these discs were given by the gods to Inca. Discs had powerful healing abilities.

Two of these discs were seized by Spaniards, but the third one – the largest – disappeared without a trace.

“Escape from Cusco to… the otherworld”

A priest of Coricancha temple – Aramu Muru – managed to escape from the deadly havoc in Cusco. He took the large golden disc with him.

Aramu Muru reached the Hayu Marca hills and hid there for a while. He stumbled on Inca priests – guardians of the portal and when the guardians saw the golden disc, there was arranged a special ritual at the gate.

This secret ritual opened the giant portal and blue light was shining from it. Aramu Muru entered the portal and has never been seen again. The gate got his name.


Later this place was found by Spaniards. They desecrated it, removed any visible artifacts, and declared that this is an evil place – a gateway to hell.


Legend goes on and tells about the future: one day this portal will open. It will be much larger than it seems now. Gods will return through it to the Earth in their Sun ships.

Modern mythology

This legendary site has served as an inspiration for many contemporary stories and pseudoscientific works.

Thus, for example, – some locals tell that the coming of gods can be observed now. From time to time the mysterious blue light shines from the alcove and shining beings come out from it.

Another story tells, that at certain times of the year, this cliff becomes transparent.

Researchers of paranormal activities are reporting glowing blue spheres and bright white disc-shaped objects here.

Aramu Muru is visited by tourists, who are interested in such mysterious places. Seekers of mystical experiences are stepping into the alcove and setting their heads against the cliff. Some reportedly see stars, some – columns of fire, and some hear rhythmic music.

Ancient gate to the soul

Aramu Muru represents an interesting monument to the past and – an interesting insight into the soul of modern man, desperately searching for a replacement for the lost religions.

It is very well possible that Aramu Muru is an unfinished rock-cut temple. As time went by, people were fascinated by this door, which leads to nowhere and they created legends about the “gate to the world of spirits”.

The “enlightened” 20th and 21st centuries have not been any better. We have experienced thousands of new legends popping up from nowhere on numerous sites around the globe. When googling for “Aramu Muru”, one sees a wild flight of imagination, involving the mystical Lemuria and Mu and UFOs.



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