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Bimmah sinkhole

Lake in Bimmah sinkhole, Oman
Lake in Bimmah sinkhole / naturalbornstupid, / CC BY-SA 2.0

WorldBlue  In short

Bimmah sinkhole is beautiful natural landmark – a place of refreshment at the long coastal road of Oman.

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GPS coordinates
23.0360 N 59.0720 E
Location, address
Asia, Oman, Muscat Governorate, Wilayat Qurayat, between Bimmah and Dibab, some 600 m from the sea
Alternate names
Bhamah sinkhole, Bimah sinkhole, Bima sinkhole, Hawiyat Najm, Al Faqa’ah, Dibab sinkhole
Depth of sinkhole
30 m

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WorldYellow In detail

Bimmah sinkhole, Oman
Bimmah sinkhole / Martyna Zambrzycka Millspaugh, Wikimedia Commons, public domain

Bimmah sinkhole was formed in limestone by a collapse of a large cave chamber. Earlier locals believed that this hole was formed by a meteorite ("piece of Moon").

The sinkhole is approximately 50 by 70 m large, 20 – 30 m deep. At the bottom is located a deep blue-green lake with a heap of rock – remnants of the collapse.

Municipality has developed a park around the sinkhole, and there is a built concrete stairway leading to the lake. Locals and tourists often enjoy a refreshing bath in the lake.

Most likely the sinkhole is connected to the 600 m distant sea. The top layer in the lake is crystal clear, but at the depth of some 8 m water has a sulfuric taste due to sulfur-oxidizing bacteria and is less clear.

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This category includes outstanding sinkholes – large natural depressions or holes, which for most the part represent collapsed caves.

Beehive tombs of Al-Ayn, Oman
Beehive tombs of Al-Ayn / Wikimedia Commons, Figy, public domain.

Wonders of Oman

Southern Arabia is the embodiment of fantasies about the mysterious, beautiful Arabia from One Thousand and One Nights. Oman with its breathtaking landscapes and mysterious monuments of history definitely represents a part of this realm.

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The lake of acid in Ijen Crater / © CEphoto, Uwe Aranas, Wikimedia Commons

Lakes and streams

There are many factors that can make lakes, sea bays, or rivers unusual. Some lakes have unusual chemical properties and even do not contain water at all – such as lava lakes. Others may have unusual animals living in them or… legends about such animals.

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