It is not known whether currently exists the tallest araucarias in Bulolo Valley including 88.9 m tall (or taller) Klinki pine – but it existed in 1941. Back then such a tree was measured and later mentioned in a classical ecology book by Paul W.Richards "The Tropical Rain Forest: An Ecological Study" which was issued in 1952.

Since then the fact that such tall araucarias might exist in Papua New Guinea has been repeated in many scientific works, notably in the article by Gray B. (Size composition and regeneration of Araucaria stands in New Guinea) in 1975.

There is little doubt that klinki pine is the tallest of all araucarias. This tree grows in Madang, Morobe and Eastern Highlands Provinces of Papua New Guinea, in mountainsides and ridges.

The wood of klinki has outstanding qualities and this beautiful araucaria is widely exploited, it is cut also by slash&burn agriculture. As a result, this tree is becoming rarer and nowadays natural stands can be found in more remote areas.

These trees are very impressive. The average diameter of klinki in old-growth stands is 200 cm and more! Trees in such stand are at least 55 m tall, often exceeding 70 m height.

The fantastic 88.9 m tree was measured near Bulolo. Currently in Bulolo has been established an important forestry industry with large plantations of klinki pine. Happily, natural stands of this tree are not too rare.

Wondermondo has marked a beautiful stand of klinki pine in Wau Gorge some 15 km from Bulolo. No one knows whether here are tallest araucarias which are up to 90 m tall – but it is definitely worth to check it out!


  1. Gray B. Size composition and regeneration of Araucaria stands in New Guinea. Journal of Ecology (British Ecological Society), 63: 273-289.
Klinki in Bulolo Valley on the map (approximately)
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Location, GPS coordinates: 7.2842 S 146.6944 E (very approximate location)
Categories: Trees
Values: Biology
Rating: 2 out of 10 stars
Where is located? Australia and Oceania, Papua New Guinea, Morobe Province, west from Bulolo
Species: Klinki pine Araucaria hunsteinii (K.Schumann 1889)
Height: 88.9 m(?)
Diameter: ?

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Árbol del Tule, another aspect of trunk which shows that the trunk has elongated form / cezzie901, / CC BY 2.0
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