Not too far from De Los Molles village, at the road are located two giant sinkholes – Pozo de las Ánimas. Sometimes the desert winds create here an eerie, howling noise and some locals believe that this place is enchanted.


Both sinkholes have been created by a collapse of underground voids, which in turn were created by groundwater flows which dissolved thick gypsum layers.

Thin, crumbling wall divides both holes. In the future, both of them most likely will be joined into one.

Southern sinkhole

Less impressive is the southern sinkhole. The diameter exceeds 300 m, but the slopes of this sinkhole are less steep, covered with sparse vegetation. Erosion processes here have stopped. Nevertheless, it is not allowed to walk in this sinkhole.

There is a small, light blue lake on the bottom of the sinkhole. The water level and the size of the lake is changing.

Northern sinkhole

Pozo de las Ánimas, northern sinkhole
Pozo de las Ánimas, northern sinkhole / -weezar-, Flickr / CC BY 2.0

This sinkhole has steep, crumbling sides and it is dangerous to approach the rims of it. Here the erosion continues – sinkhole is gradually increasing.

Diameter of sinkhole is roughly 300 m, total depth – approximately 101 m. Rims are some 80 m high but the lake – 21 m deep.

The first known descent in the lake took place on December 18, 1981. It was organized by Rodolfo Rogelio Rocha and 12 people managed to reach the surface of the lake. They researched the lake with a rubber boot and measured the depth of the lake.


There is a legend about the origin of these sinkholes:

People on both sides of Andes were in war with each other. Once a group of warriors from the western (Chilean) side were chasing a small group of people from the Argentinian Los Molles town.

Pozo de las Ánimas, southern sinkhole
Pozo de las Ánimas, southern sinkhole / Roberto Fiadone, Wikimedia Commons, public domain

When the night came, the persecuted people could not hear their enemies anymore, and returned to their homes.

In the next morning they gathered a crowd of their townspeople and started to search for their enemies. Soon they heard a strange lament.

Much to their surprise, the townspeople from Los Molles found two giant wells – the earth sunk under the feet of their enemies and now these people were dying in the rising waters of lakes at the bottom of wells.

This weird and gruesome event gave a name to the wells, which since then are considered to be a "place where souls cry". Those locals who are more superstitious, stop here and pray for those souls and spirits which are walking in the mountains.

Pozo de las Animas on the map
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Location, GPS coordinates: 35.1897 S 70.0004 W
Categories: Sinkholes, Lakes and streams, Ghost sites
Values: Geology, Visual
Rating: 2.5 out of 10 stars
Where is located? South America, Argentina, Mendoza province, some 60 km north-west from Malargüe, 6 km from De Los Molles
Depth: 101 m

Landmarks of Argentina

Landscape in Patagonia with Monte Fitz Roy, Argentina
Landscape in Patagonia with Monte Fitz Roy / Nestor Galina, Flickr / CC BY 2.0
Argentina is one of the most diverse countries in the world – it has tropical rainforest and southernmost forest (after Chile), deserts and glaciers, some of the highest mountains in the world and immense flatlands of pampas.


World's deepest sinkhole - Xiaozhai tiankeng, with tourist route visible
World’s deepest sinkhole – Xiaozhai tiankeng, with tourist route visible / Brookqi, Wikimedia Commons, public domain
Category includes outstanding sinkholes – large natural depressions or holes, which for most part represent collapsed caves.

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