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Renda spring waterfall

Renda spring waterfall, March 2023
Renda spring waterfall, March 2023/ Gatis Pāvils / CC BY-SA 4.0

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A small waterfall on the bank of the Īvande River. It is formed by a spring.

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GPS coordinates
57.069 N 22.2966 E
Location, address
Europe, Latvia, Kurzeme, Kuldiga Municipality, near the center of Renda village, on the right bank of Ivande River
Perennial spring
Around 1 m
Up to 0.5 m

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Renda spring waterfall, May 2004
Renda spring waterfall, May 2004/ Gatis Pāvils / CC BY-SA 4.0

This small waterfall is located near the much better known Ivande Waterfall and can be reached by some 5-minute long walk along the right bank of the river.

This fall is formed by a spring and falls over layers of the Middle Devonian dolostone. Light-colored and red sandstone layers are seen under the dolostone.

The spring is fed by shallow groundwater and in summer there is no water in it.

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