Woodhouse Falls

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Somehow the beautiful Woodhouse Falls are unlucky. At least for some visitors. Nevertheless, this is a fine waterfall, a popular bathing place for locals.

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GPS coordinates
29.3957 S 30.2799 E
Location, address
Africa, South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal, Midlands, some 15 km north from the Howick town, near Shafton Grange, on Karkloof River some 500 m above Karkloof Falls
Alternate names
Little Karkloof Falls
9 – 10 m
Karkloof River

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The 9 – 10 m tall Woodhouse Falls fall over a sandstone of the Vryheid Formation (the Permian period). This waterfall has an interesting configuration – it has two prominent drops. After the first, the stream has to turn per some 60 degrees on the next drop.

The name of the falls marks a start in the history of bad accidents around this waterfall: around 1885 a farmer named William Woodhouse was fording the river above the falls. His horse tripped and William fell in the river and died in falls. Thus falls got the name.

One should be very careful when walking here now as well: the cliff edge can be slippery and, it seems, especially bad is the wet moss closer to the edge of falls. Unfortunately, people have fallen from the ledge and some have badly injured themselves by leaping from the cliffs.

Due to this in January 2019 Woodhouse Falls has been closed to visitors.

Some 500 meters below this smaller waterfall is the magnificent Karkloof Falls.

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