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Tallest trees of the world

List of the tallest trees of the world

Here are listed tallest trees of the the world by champions of species.

Trees are arranged by the height of champions of species. Here are selected species with known height above 80 m. Please note! This list is far from the final truth as there might be numerous other tree species exceeding such height and also the listed trees might change.

  1. Hyperion - United States, California. Tallest known tree in world, coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens (D. Don) Endl.). 115.61 m tall, diameter 4.84 m. Contains 502 m3 of wood. In total more than 500 coast redwoods exceed the height of 103 m.
  2. Centurion - Australia, Tasmania. Highest known mountain ash and eucalypt (Eucalyptus regnans F.Muell.) in the world. Height 99.8 m, diameter 4.05 m (girth roughly 13.7 m), volume 268 m3. Has been at least 103 m tall but the top is broken.
  3. Doerner Fir, Oregon, United States
    Doerner Fir - 99.4 m high. Oregon, United States / US Bureau of Land Management, public domain.
    Doerner Fir (Brummet Fir, Brummitt Fir) - Oregon, United States. Tallest coast Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii var. menziesii (Mirb.) Franco) in the world. Height 99.4 m, diameter 3.54 m, volume 237 m3. Some time ago was 100.3 m high.
  4. Raven's Tower - United States, California. Reportedly tallest Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis (Bong) Carr.), 96.9 m high.
  5. Barangay Alegria Toog tree - Philippines, Agusan del Sur. Tallest known Philippine rosewood (Petersianthus quadrialatus Merr.), 96.9 m high or a bit lower, with 3,66 m diameter at its base. Sacred tree to Manobo people.
  6. Tallest Giant Sequoia - United States, California, Redwood Mountain Grove. Tallest giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum (Lindl.)), 94.9 m high.
  7. White Knight, Tasmania
    White Knight / Nicolás Boullosa, Flickr. CC BY 2.0
    White Knight - Australia, Tasmania. Highest manna gum (Eucalyptus viminalis). 91.3 m high, diameter 3.30 m (girth 11.0 m), volume 180 m3.
  8. Neeminah Loggorale Meena - Australia, Tasmania. Highest Tasmanian blue gum (Eucalyptus globulus Labill.). Height 90.7 m, diameter 3.88 m, girth 12.2 m. There are claims that other specimens of species were up to 101 m tall.
  9. Noble fir in Goat Marsh - United States, Washington. Highest known specimen in species (Abies procera Rehder 1940), height 89.9 m. Tree is dead.
  10. Tallest yellow meranti tree, Maliau Basin - Malaysia, Sabah. Tallest known tree of this species (Shorea faguetiana Heim.), 89.5 m tall.
  11. Klinki in Bulolo Valley - Papua New Guinea, Morobe. Reported (but not verified) 88.9 m high specimen of Klinki Araucaria hunsteinii (K.Schumann 1889) in 1941. These trees are very tall and there is high possibility to find very tall specimens today as well.
  12. Alpine Ash in Florentine Valley - Australia, Tasmania. Highest alpine ash (Eucalyptus delegatensis R.T.Baker). Height 87.9 m, diameter 3.07 m, volume 161 m3.
  13. King Stringy - Australia, Tasmania. Highest Australian oak (Eucalyptus obliqua L'Hér.). 86 m high, diameter 4.07 m, volume 230 m3.
  14. Pontiankak Putih Cantik (Tualang of Mengaris Knob) - Malaysia, Sabah. Tallest measured tree of this species (Koompassia excelsa (Becc.) Taub.), 85.76 m tall. There are unconfirmed reports of more tall trees in this species.
  15. Dismissed - Australia, Tasmania. Highest known swamp gum (Eucalyptus ovata Labill.), height - 85.1 m.
  16. "Phalanx" - United States, Oregon. Tallest known ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa), 81.8 m tall.
  17. unnamed karri tree - Australia, Western Australia (Pemberton). 81 m tall karri (Eucalyptus diversicolor), with a circumference of 20.45 m.

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