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Geyser of Edo Laki Island, Langano Lake

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 7.6900 N 38.7730 E (mistake up to 400 m)
No:220        (list of all attractions)
Category:Springs, Geysers (extinct)
Values:Geology, Visual
Address:Africa, Ethiopia, Oromiya, Northern bay of Langano Lake, Edo Laki (Geyser) island
Alternate names:Edy Geyser, O'a Island geyser, Geyser of Langano Lake Geyser Island

In the northern part of Langano Lake is located a deep, round bay with an island in the centre. This island has different names - Edo Laki, O'a and also Geyser Island. For several decades here was located impressive geyser, which now has disappeared.

This geyser formed in 1906, after an earthquake. There are several hot springs on Edo Laki Island - and one of them started furious activity. Approximately two times per minute the water from this spring bursted high up in the air. Bursts lasted just a few seconds but the fountain was 25 - 30 m high.

As the time went, geyser became less powerful. In 1926 the height of geyser was just 1 m and it bursted just once per (approximately) 30 minutes. There is a contradicting report from 1963 - 1964, which reports that geyser was 2 m high then.

In 1965 in the site of geyser was a circular basin with a diameter of 2 m. Water in this basin fluctuated by 5 - 10 cm every 9 - 10 minutes. In 1970 even this surge was not noticeable.

Today here is located very hot spring with the temperature of water 96°C. Water is alkaline, with pH 8.36.


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