Analavory Geysers

One of Analavory geysers, Madagascar

Cold geysers! Four warm gaseous water "geysers" with colourful cones. The water for these spouting springs reportedly is coming from the pipelines of the nearby mine – on the way the hot water is dissolving the lime and depositing it at the outflow. When the vents of outflow are blocked, the water may rise up to several meters high, but otherwise the water spouts 20 – 30 cm high.

Logipi Geyser

Former geyser that in the 1930ies reached a height of 1.2 m. Now here are just boiling springs.

Buranga Hot Springs

Mumbuga erupting spring, Sempaya Hot Spring in Uganda

Perpetual spouter! The most impressive geothermal region in Uganda with hot springs and a geyser-like fountain of hot water – Mumbuga erupting spring. In dry season here appear also fumaroles.