There are four groups of geysers around Lake Bogoria. Chemurkeu Hot Springs are one of them.

These springs are located to the south of the most famous Lake Bogoria geysers – Loburu Geysers.

Chemurkeu hot springs are located close to the lake, some springs are even inside the lake. In total there are 40 hot springs, 4 geysers among them. One geyser is up to 1.2 m high, one is less than 0.3 m high. Geysers have formed carbonate terraces.

Interesting feature here is: large, flat crystals of aragonite, which grow up to 4 cm long.

Chemurkeu Hot Springs are included in the following list:

Geysers of Africa

Geysers of Africa


  1. T. Scott Bryan, The Geysers of Yellowstone, fourth edition. 2008. Boulder.
Chemurkeu Hot Springs on the map
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Location, GPS coordinates: 0.2273 N 36.0933 E
Categories: Thermal springs, Geysers
Values: Geology, Visual
Rating: 2.5 out of 10 stars
Where is located? Africa, Kenya, Rift Valley Province, western bank of Lake Bogoria, south from Loburu delta
Alternate names: Loburu Geysers

Landmarks of Kenya

Mount Kenya, Kenya
Mount Kenya / , / CC BY-SA 2.0
Kenya has very diverse natural and cultural heritage with some truly unique monuments. Among the highlights of the country should be mentioned remnants of the very first humans, the exciting “islands” of biodiversity – remnants of ancient tropical rainforest on isolated mountain ranges and the old coastal cities and villages,


Lake Bogoria, geyser and flamingos
Lake Bogoria, geyser and flamingos / , Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0
Hasty hydrogeologist would say: geysers are thermodynamically and hydrodynamically unstable hot springs. “Normal” people would say – geysers are hot springs which at more or less regular intervals shoot up a fountain of boiling water and steam. Sometimes these fountains are even 100 m tall… or even 450 m!

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