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Logipi Geyser

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 1.9775 N 36.5258 E (possible mistake up to 2 km)
No:223        (list of all attractions)
Category:Springs, Geysers
Values:Geology, Visual
Address:Africa, Kenya, Rift Valley Province, south from Logipi Lake, Suguta Valley, near Elboitong Hot Springs, at the base of Samburu escarpment
Alternate names:Logkippi Geyser, Lokippi Geyser

As the Suguta River is passing through the Gap (a place, where the flat Suguta valley is flanked by two volcanoes), the river is supplemented by numerous hot springs flowing from both sides of the valley. One of these springs - Logipi Geyser - up to the recent times was an active geyser.

Logipi Geyser was located near the base of Samburu escarpment. Travellers in the 1930s reported that the geyser was erupting at regular intervals, discharging large volumes of water. The height of geyser reached 1.2 m. The water was rich with minerals and there was formed a sinter basin in the front of geyser.

Later the power of geyser decreased, it turned into perpetual spouter. An expedition in 1990 found here just boiling springs.


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