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Pakari Brikshya

Main characteristics

Coordinates: 27.6360 N 83.5809 E
No:471        (list of all attractions)
Address:Asia, Nepal, Lumbini, Rupandehi District, to the east from Rupandehi near Devadaha (Devdaha) some 2 km south-west from Khaireni
Name in Nepali:कोटियामाई (Kotiyamai)
Alternate names:Pakad, Falakasha, Devdaha banyan, Kotiyamai, Pakhdi Rukh
Species:weeping fig (peepal) (Ficus benjamina)
Circumference:approximately 16 - 20 m
Height:~ 20 m
Width of crown:> 30 m

Not too far from the sacred Lumbini is found a giant and sacred tree - Pakari Brikshya. Circumference of its trunk may reach 20 m.

This solitary tree is located in countryside and is surounded by fields. The giant tree is well known to locals and is considered to be holy. Locals are afraid to break a branch or do any other harm to this tree in fear that something bad can happen to them. They have also have noticed that predatory birds never sit in this tree and elephants do not touch it although the branches are low.

It is not easy to assess the size of this tree but the impressive numbers given by municipal website (1) - with a trunk circumference of 25 m - seem to be exxagerated. Analysis of several movies and images shows that the circumference of the trunk is between 16 and 20 meters what is very impressive anyway.

Pakari Brikshya is peepal or weeping fig (Ficus benjamina). This tree often has many smaller trunks bundled together but in this case Pakari Brikshya has one major trunk. The circumference is increased by one major branch starting from low height.

Surrounding area is named Pakari and the tree is well known local landmark.

Some images and movies of tree


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